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Burnley & District Tennis League

Burnley and District Tennis League Newsletter 10

November 2016

Welcome to Newsletter number 10.

After much discussion the committee decided to bring the AGM forward to the 17th November. In order to correct any problems that had been encountered during the season. This brought a number of issues to light, please note the application, handbook, tournament and rule changes.

Rule Changes

Teams playing unregistered players

1.3 - Teams must consult their Divisional Secretary to register additional players before they play. Any team failing to do this will forfeit any points won when playing the unregistered player.

The rules regarding players becoming injured during the match

2.4 - In the event of an injury occurring to a player. The player shall be entitled to one 3-minute time out. If the player is unable to complete that set of tennis, Any points won by that team up to the point of injury will stand. The injured player maybe substituted at the beginning of the second and or third set. But if no substitute is available within the 3 minutes, the match will be forfeited to the opposition. Any player who concedes a set during a match will not be allowed to play in the remainder of the match.

Teams refusing to play other teams at the end of the season.

2.5 - If any team fails to turn up for a match without giving their opponents 24 hours notice. The divisional secretary must be informed. The match will then be rearranged by the divisional secretary who will give three dates by which the match must be played. Any team failing to agree to one of these dates will be deducted 28 points.

2.6 - All teams must have played everyone in the division once by the first week in July. Failure to do this will result in the divisional secretary giving  three dates by which the match must be played. Any team failing to agree to one of these dates will be deducted 28 points.

4.2 - Results must be entered via the website by the home team and verified by the away team within seven days of the match being played.


As most people now have access to the internet via their phones, iPads/computer. It was felt that the need for handbooks, is a thing of the past. So next year you will still be able to download a book from the website if required, but we will no longer be sending them out. 

Entering the league

in 2017

It was decided at the AGM that all entries would now be done online and payments would be via PayPal/Debit/Credit Card. This would help both the treasurer and fixtures secretary and would ensure that all details are correct. The only downside is that there is a charge for this service so we would have to raise the entry fee by £1 to cover this cost.


After much discussion it was decided to reduce the number of tournaments. The Express and Clucas Cup will now run a plate event for first round losers, replacing the Millennium singles and doubles cups.  Veterans age group will now start at 50 years, but it was agreed that if a tournament did not have at least 4 entries, the tournament would not be held that year.

Opening up the league

At last years AGM it was decided to expanding the boundaries of the league. In order to keep travelling to a minimum, this has been set at 5 mile from the M65. The committee will be writing to all clubs within this radius.

Some of these changes might seem a little controversial, but we have always prided ourselves on being ” the friendly league”. Therefore in order to regenerate the league and keep it up to date and fresh for generations to come, some changes are needed. So if you know anyone who would like to play. Please encourage them and make our league the best in the Country.

Burnley & District Tennis League

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