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Burnley & District Tennis League

Burnley & District Tennis Tournament Rules 2018

1        Singles & Doubles Teams



Doubles Teams shall comprise of 2 players only


Players from any division can form a doubles team.

2        Round robin




All players/teams in the round robin must play each other once.



Matches will consist of the best of 3 tie break sets.


The following arrangements shall apply when a match cannot be played to completion because of adverse weather conditions.

·         First set incomplete – restart the match on a new date

·         First set complete, second set incomplete – play remaining sets on a new date, second set to start from the score reached previously


In the event that a player suffers an accident or injury during the match or warm up.

·         The player shall be entitled to one three-minute time out. After this time they will be expected to play or forfeit the match.

·         Any player who concedes a set during a match will not be allowed to play in the remainder of the match.


·         The winning team is responsible for entering the results on the website within seven days.


To view the results go to: -

3        Fixtures



All teams are reminded that in joining the league they are making a commitment to compete.


The venue of each match will be agreed between the players, if necessary by the toss of a coin. The expenses of the match, court fees and good quality balls will be shared


If any person/team fails to turn up for a match without giving their opponents 24 hours notice the results secretary must be informed.


Burnley & District Tennis League

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