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Burnley & District Tennis League

Tournament Results 2016

Burnley Express Cup Open Singles

Winner Matt Honey  Runner up Steven Holt

Millennium Cup Team Doubles

Winners Alistair McMillan & Rob Henry

Runners up Gia Varcoe & James Stansfield

Clucas Cup Mens Doubles

Winners Matt Honey & John Phethean     

Runners up Paul Barlow & Paul Wheatcroft

Veterans Singles

Winner Simon Brown

Runner up Dave Reid

Mercer Cup Veterans Doubles

Winners Chris Coner & Gordon Sutcliffe

Runners up Tom Hardwick & Simon Brown

Vickie Taylor Cup Ladies Doubles

Winners Gia Varcoe & Elaine Varcoe

Runners up Tiff Deaville & Val Bertenshaw

Millennium Cup Singles 

Winner Rob Henry

Runner up Kevin Woods

Harold Lever Cup  Mixed Doubles

Winners Chris Conner & Matt Honey

Runners up Gia Varcoe & James Stansfield

Golden Jubillee Cup Under 21 Singles

Winner Steven Holt  Runner up Marley Byrne

Juniors Under 16

Winner Harvey Curness

Runner up Jack Ryan

Burnley & District Tennis League

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